The Morning After: Understanding the Air Quality Index

Due to wildfires in Canada, there has been a surge in air pollution levels in the US which has resulted in New York having the worst air quality among all the major cities. Many people can be seen wearing N95 masks while walking on smog-filled streets that resemble dystopian settings. As a precautionary measure, many states and cities have advised people to stay indoors unless it’s absolutely necessary to go outside. They have also provided as much Air Quality Index (AQI) data as possible.

But what exactly is the AQI and how does it work? We’ve delved deep into AQI to explain everything you need to know about it.

Staying on the subject of safety, we have also created a guide to help you make a box fan, AC air filters, and duct tape to screen out a lot of the bad air from your home in the upcoming weeks.

– Dan Cooper

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Note: The following article discusses sensitive topics.

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