The Most Popular TikTok Food Trends in 2023

TikTok is a great platform for discovering new and exciting ways to cook and enjoy food. Thanks to its culinary community, also known as FoodTok, recipes and ingredients can quickly become trending topics. Here are five of the most popular TikTok food trends of 2023 thus far, with more to come in the upcoming months.


I love FoodTok. I hate listening to people eat.

1. Chopped Sandwiches

Italian hoagies have been given a new twist with this viral trend. Chopped sandwiches, as the name suggests, involve chopping the ingredients of an Italian sandwich, including condiments, finely and loading them into a roll. The result is a cross between a salad and an Italian hoagie, ensuring that every bite is balanced and delicious. Be sure to check out the videos for some mouth-watering inspiration.

chopped up Italian hoagie ingredients on a cutting board in a TikTok

Picturesque Chopped Sandwiches.
Credit: Screenshot: TikTok / @culinarylion

2. Tinned Fish

Tinned fish content has been all the rage recently, with tinned mussels, octopus, and salmon drenched in various oils taking the internet by storm. What’s more, high-end grocers are now selling artisanal tinned fishes, providing food lovers with a more refined alternative. Tinned fish is also an excellent choice for a romantic meal, making for a perfectly curated and easy-to-prepare dinner.

tinned fish on a cutting board in a TikTok

Spectacular Tinned Fish Selection.
Credit: Screenshot: TikTok / @alihooke

3. Hash Browns as Toast

McDonald’s-style hash browns patties have been a staple of the fast-food chain’s breakfast menu for decades. But what about using them as a substitute for bread? That’s precisely what FoodTokers are doing, with hash browns becoming the latest toast trend. From classic avocado toast to more elaborate options, like egg and cheese hash browns, the possibilities are endless.

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hash brown with avocado and egg on it in TikTok

Delicious Hash Browns as Toast!
Credit: Screenshot: TikTok / @carolinegrace_

4. Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream

This trend is a bit odd but seems to be a hit among TikTok users. All it takes is a Fruit-Roll Up and some ice cream, and you can create a fruity ice cream burrito that promises to be delicious. They’re pretty easy to make, so give it a shot. Who knows, you might like it!

ice cream being rolled up inside a Fruit Roll-Up

Unusual but appealing Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream.
Credit: Screenshot: TikTok / @davidparody1

5. Homemade Ice Cream

Thanks to the Ninja Creami, homemade ice cream has never been easier to make. The device promises to turn frozen fruit into ice cream, allowing users to enjoy fresh, tasty ice cream from the comfort of their own home. The possibilities are endless, so take a cue from TikTok and start experimenting with your favorite frozen fruits.

Ninja Creami filled with homemade ice cream

Ninja Creami filled with Homemade Ice Cream!
Credit: Screenshot: TikTok / @kaitlyneats

6. Flavored Water

The #WaterTok craze is all about making flavored water. Thanks to sugar-free powders and syrups, you can now create your hydrating concoctions with ease. Fans are mixing in everything from vanilla and orange to cucumbers and mint to create flavored water that is refreshing and visually appealing.

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