The Rise of Gingers in Video Games – Why Not?

Join us on the Best Games Ever show, Episode 52 as we discuss the best game with a ginger protagonist! From the latest Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s latest protagonist Cal Kestis to Official Femshep, Joanna Dark, and Heavenly Sword’s protagonist: gingers are well-represented in the gaming world.

As someone with a reddish beard and auburn hair, I can attest to the experience of growing up as a ginger in the UK. While it is a prevalent trait, it also makes you the target of never-ending ribbing as it’s a feature that marks you out. However, compared to other minority groups that have experienced real prejudice, racism, or persecution, it is fairly innocuous. The ginger experience is akin to living with a permanently stuck sneeze.

Although gingers are subject to constant jokes and ribbing, they enjoy much positive representation in media, including video games. Famous people like Bryce Dallas Howard, Conan O’Brien, Shirley Manson, and Michael Fassbender are all proud gingers. The gaming world has its fair share of ginger protagonists, with more than we can count.

Who is the best ginger protagonist in video games? Our panelists, Tom, Kelsey, and Connor, each have their own bountiful options. Which characters stand out above the rest? We explore in this week’s show.

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If you’re a person who likes to skip to the end of books, we’ve got you covered with the summary below.

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Tom argues that Football Manager wins since you can play as a ginger if you want — an argument that doesn’t go over well with the rest.



Ninjabread Man is Connor’s pick, but it’s not the worst game according to him. Then again, that’s not saying much, as it’s not as detestable as Leisure Suit Larry.



Kelsey picks Stray, where the protagonist is a red-headed cat that is especially ginger and always approaching the world gingerly. Nonetheless, VG247 doesn’t endorse the opinions of Siobhan Casey.

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