‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11 Mercer Trailer And Why He’s An Important New Character

AMC released the first teaser trailer for Season 11 of The Walking Dead, though it’s really more a series of still shots with some animation, a very dramatic soundtrack and hints at things to come.

The biggest reveal in the trailer is Mercer, played by Michael James Shaw (Avengers: Endgame). Mercer is a well-known comic book character from the Robert Kirkman series, and he makes his debut in Season 11—the mega 30-episode finale season of The Walking Dead flagship show.

Mercer was first introduced in Issue 177 of The Walking Dead. He’s an officer in the Commonwealth and its de facto military leader, though his role could be tweaked for the show as is often the case in the TV adaptation.

Here’s the teaser:

We see plenty of other characters as well, including Gabriel doing his best Solomon Kane cosplay, and a lineup that includes Daryl, Gabriel, Maggie and Negan.

That’s an interesting choice. Maggie, of course, wants to kill Negan though many of us at this point prefer the former Savior boss to the erstwhile southern belle. I’m sorry, but Maggie just hasn’t been a very good character since Glenn died. Maybe she was never that great of a character (recall her sister dying and her just forgetting about it the next episode).

The billing is interesting, however. I hesitate to read too much into the cover image of a YouTube video but one would expect Carol to be standing next to Daryl, and here we have Gabriel. The once-cowardly clergyman has earned my Most Improved Character Award, by the way. He really solidified himself as one of the show’s very best in his and Aaron’s bonus episode when he went stone cold killer. I don’t want a Carol/Daryl spinoff I want a Gabriel: Zombie Slayer spinoff. Maybe a Gabriel/Negan spinoff.

Anyways, The Walking Dead returns on August 22nd and I will, of course, be reviewing and making videos about the show on my YouTube channel. You should really, seriously consider subscribing!

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