The Wordle archive is gone, however you possibly can nonetheless examine previous Wordle solutions right here

Websites that created Wordle archives have been pressured by the New York Instances to close down. Meaning there is no longer any solution to entry the complete archive, however we’ve offered an inventory of the previous two weeks’ Wordle solutions so that you can see what phrases have simply been used, and assist plan your Wordle technique going ahead.

The free every day phrase sport Wordle blew up in recognition at first of 2022 regardless of not having an app and solely permitting gamers to deal with one puzzle per day. Each have been intentional decisions, as Wordle (opens in a new tab)founder Josh Wardle(opens in a new tab) instructed the BBC, so followers could not spend an excessive amount of time on it. As such, earlier puzzles aren’t out there by the official web site.

Wordle could be very easy and you’ll play it in three minutes — and that’s all you get,” Wardle stated in his BBC interview. “There are additionally no advertisements and I’m not doing something along with your information — and that’s additionally fairly deliberate.”


‘Taylordle’ is ‘Wordle’ for Swifties

What’s in the present day’s Wordle?

Yow will discover clues and the reply for every day’s Wordle proper right here.

Why was the Wordle Archive shut down?

For the reason that acquisition final yr, the NYT has moved to safeguard what’s now its wholly owned mental property by putting stress on Wordle associates to close down their “unauthorized” recreations of the sport’s earlier every day puzzles, starting with the Wordle Archive in March(opens in a new tab). By the start of June 2022, the entire best-known methods to play Wordle exterior of the NYT web site have been gone, together with the sport’s unique, pre-acquisition dwelling.

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Whereas there is no assure that the sport will stay freely out there for non-NYT subscribers to entry, it hasn’t slipped behind the paywall but. It is also unknown whether or not the NYT will sooner or later construct an archive of its personal in order that gamers can play by outdated Wordle puzzles.

Previous Wordle solutions (and their meanings)

Could include spoilers for the most recent puzzle!

Wordle #707: RAMEN – A noodle soup originating in Japan, and likewise the noodle sort related to it.

Wordle #708: SKIMP – To make use of much less of one thing, usually with cash or materials.

Wordle #709: MOUSE – A small, frequent rodent.

Wordle #710: KNEEL – To take a place the place the physique is supported by one or each knees.

Wordle #711: AGILE – Limber, in a position to transfer shortly and simply.

Wordle #712: JAZZY – Vivid, vibrant, showy, flashy; additionally, merely, resembling or pertaining to jazz music.

Wordle #713: HUMID – Climate or local weather marked by a excessive degree of water vapour within the air/ambiance.

Wordle #714: NANNY – A babysitter or full-time carer of youngsters.

Wordle #715: BEAST – An animal, particularly a big or very furry one.

Wordle #716: ENNUI – A sense of listlessness or discouragement, usually born from boredom or lack of novelty.

Wordle #717: SCOUT – A soldier despatched forward for reconnaissance; to go searching.

Wordle #718: HATER – Somebody who despises a selected meals, factor, or particular person, or somebody who’s persistently damaging.

Wordle #719: CRUMB – A tiny fragment of meals.

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Wordle #720: BALSA – An especially gentle and smooth wooden, usually used for model-making.

Wordle #721: AGAIN – As soon as extra, one other time.

Wordle #722: GUARD – Shield or watch; somebody who performs these jobs.

Wordle #723: WRONG – Incorrect, or obscene.

Wordle #724: PLUNK – Describes the sound or motion of an abrupt pluck of a stringed instrument, or a heavy blow.

Wordle #725: CRIME – An act punishable by legislation.

Wordle #726: MAYBE – Maybe; probably.

Wordle #727: STRAP – A flat size of textile, leather-based, or different materials used to safe clothes, gear or equipment.

Finest Wordle beginning phrases

We’ve got some concepts that can assist you decide the proper first transfer (or as near excellent as you will get with out simply magically guessing the precise proper phrase). Such suggestions embrace selecting a phrase with no less than two totally different vowels in it, plus a couple of frequent consonants akin to S, T, R, or N.

Wordle options

1000’s of individuals across the globe now play Wordle every day, and followers have even created options impressed by the unique format. This consists of music identification sport Heardle, Hollywood nerd faves Actorle and Framed, and variations like Dordle and Quordle that make you guess a number of phrases without delay.

Extra Wordle

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