This New ‘Walking Dead’ Season 11 Trailer Is Totally Pointless

I’m not sure what the point of a trailer like this is. The Walking Dead’s final season arrives in August and to get us hyped for the new season we get . . . whatever this is. Lots of old, dead characters. Rick talking. The remaining survivors all saying the word “together” because apparently making a desperately cheesy trailer is how you sell a gritty zombie drama.

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These trailers are just giving us the barest bones teases when it comes to actual new content, which is fine I suppose. I don’t want to see too much. I don’t like when trailers (or AMC’s Twitter account) spoils major story points.

Then again, maybe these little teasers are pointless and we’d be better served by one actual trailer that gets us hyped for the new season without spoiling anything. Crafting a good trailer is an art-form in and of itself. Something that many studios have forgotten how to do in the TMI era.

Also, what’s up with this “Trilogy” nonsense? A three-part final season? Why not just do two 12-episode seasons or three 8-episode seasons instead of calling it Season 11 Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. That’s why we have seasons in the first place.

What did you think of the trailer? Is AMC really doing fans any favors with this weekly drip-feed of teasers and reveals, or would we all be better served by a regular trailer and some screenshots? Let me know your thoughts.

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