Throne and Liberty: One of the Most Anticipated MMOs of 2023 Proves to Be a Disappointment to Fans

The beta version of Throne and Liberty, one of this year’s most highly anticipated MMORPG releases, has recently been receiving a lot of criticism from disappointed MMO fans. Although World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14 are still two of the top performing MMOs, MMO fans are eagerly waiting for the next big MMO game, and Throne and Liberty was meant to be it, having been in development for several years. However, after some early testing, it seems that the game has fallen short of expectations.

Throne and Liberty’s latest trailer

So why has the game been receiving negative feedback? The primary reason seems to be the combat system. Fans were expecting a dynamic and fast-paced game similar to World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14, Black Desert Online, and other MMORPGs based on the trailers and initial marketing material. However, the game turned out to be a “tab target” MMO, which means that players cannot move while attacking.

This approach is considered to be old-fashioned and not up to the standards of today’s modern MMOs, which are far better than they were two decades ago when Lineage 2 – whose combat system was used in Throne and Liberty – was released. For most early testers, the stop-and-start combat is proving to be a significant drawback and hindrance.

Many big-name MMO influencers on YouTube such as Force Gaming and TheLazyPeon have also slammed the game. They mentioned the clunky combat system, as well as the ability to toggle auto play, as signs of the game’s poor quality. However, it is worth noting that not all MMO fans agree, and many still consider that Throne and Liberty looks great and can be played on a mobile device.

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It appears that much of the negative feedback is attributable to the hype generated around the game. If players are aware of the Lineage-style gaming mechanics used in Throne and Liberty and are comfortable with it, they may still find it enjoyable. Currently, the game is open for a technical test, and players can try it out if they want to make up their own minds.

What are your thoughts? Are you keen to try out Throne and Liberty, or do you think it’s not worth your time?

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