Today’s ‘Quordle’: Quick Guide to Hints and Answers for May 27

If you find that Quordle is a tad too demanding for you today, worry not. We’ve got you covered with hints and the entire solution to the game. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you’ll find it all. However, before you dive in for all four answers, perhaps consider leveraging our strategy guide, which you’ll also find on this page.

What is Quordle?

Quordle is a game that is similar to Wordle in which you guess a five-letter word. However, in this case, your input applies to four different words concurrently. Instead of six, you have nine chances to guess all four accurately. Think of it as playing four Wordle games at once. The idea may seem daunting, but it’s much simpler in reality.

Is Quordle harder than Wordle?

Yes, it is somewhat more challenging, though not excessively so.

Where did Quordle come from?

The creator Freddie Meyer derived inspiration for Quordle from one of the early Wordle variations, Dordle, which involves playing two Wordle games simultaneously. Meyer launched Quordle on January 30, in the midst of the Wordle surge between late 2021 and early 2022. Since then, the game has garnered millions of daily users. Meyer presently earns a modest income through Patreon, where committed Quordle fans contribute to keep their favorite puzzle game running.

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How is Quordle pronounced?

It is pronounced as “Kwordle,” rhyming with “Wordle,” and certainly not identical to “curdle.”

Is Quordle strategy different from Wordle?

Yes and no. Beginning with Quordle is the same as for Wordle. If you have a preferred opening word for Wordle, don’t change it. Go for something rich in vowels featuring common letters such as C, R, and N, or use your preferred choice.

Things begin to spiral out of control if you continue playing Quordle similar to Wordle beyond your first effort.

What should I do in Quordle that I don’t do in Wordle?

A Wordle puzzle can often come down to a series of single-letter-change variations to solve it. If you narrow down possibilities to “-IGHT,” you can guess “MIGHT,” “NIGHT,” “LIGHT,” and “SIGHT,” and at least one of them will likely be the correct solution. This is also a notorious way of missing out on the solution, mainly when playing on “hard mode.” In contrast, in Quordle, this single-letter filtering strategy is a lethal trap, hinting at the crucial strategic contrast between Wordle and Quordle: You cannot afford to lose guesses in Quordle unless you eliminate as many letters as possible each time.

Playing Wordle to eliminate three or four potential letters by guessing a random word you know isn’t the solution is considered a hopeless, final gambit. However, in Quordle, it is a common element and an important part of the player’s strategic arsenal.

Is there a way to get the answer faster?

From experience, Quordle can sometimes get tedious and take longer to play than four rounds of Wordle. However, resorts to a straightforward guessing tactic can hurry things along. The same strategy also works for Wordle if you’re only interested in the solution and don’t mind making the most incorrect guesses:

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Begin with a set of words that places all vowels, including Y, on the board, along with some other common letters. Three words that work well are “NOTES,” “ACRID,” and “LUMPY,” while YouTuber DougMansLand recommends four words: “CANOE,” “SKIRT,” “PLUMB,” and “FUDGY.”

At this point, most of the letters of the alphabet are eliminated, and you’ll have only one or two available unsuccessful guesses if you use this tactic. In most cases, you should have all the information you need to guess the remaining words without any errors.

If you’re still stuck, check the hints below:

Are double or triple letters being used in today’s Quordle words?

One of the words has a double letter.

Are any uncommon letters such as Q or Z used in today’s Quordle?

No uncommon letters are used.

What letters do today’s Quordle words begin with?

G, B, C, and S.

What are today’s Quordle answers?

Are you sure you want to know?

You can still reconsider.

Alright, you asked for it. Here are the answers:

  1. GRASS

  2. BELCH

  3. CROWD

  4. SHOWN

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