‘Transformers: The Movie’ 4K Blu-Ray Review: ‘Til All Are One

Back in 2016, I reviewed the amazing Blu-ray remaster of the 1986 anime classic, Transformers: The Movie. However, as this year marks the 35th anniversary of the movie’s release, we now have an all-new 4K release and it’s really quite remarkable.

This is because the prior Blu-ray remaster was based off a then new 4K transfer of the movie. So this new Blu-ray release has gone all out and offers an updated 4K version of this much-loved anime movie.

The movie itself has also aged remarkably well. Apart from the excellent voice cast, Transformers: The Movie also boasted a roster of some of the finest Japanese animators from the 80s. The result is arguably one of the most impressive looking 2D animated movies of the period.

As such, this 4K remaster is even more worthwhile, as it really helps to bring this film to life in a whole new and entirely pristine way.

While this movie was a cynical attempt at killing off most of the prior Transformers and replacing them with all new ones, in the hope that kids would ditch their old toys in favor of the newer versions. So much so that there was in fact a huge backlash at the time.

The death of Optimus Prime was a huge deal for many kids who enjoyed watching the show and playing with the toys. Something that was rectified later when he was brought back to life. However, in the decades since the movie does stand up fairly well when it comes to the mechanical body count.

Not least because it gave the arrival of Unicron, a planet eating Transformer, an even great impact as the stakes were real and that Transformers could actually die.

It also had fantastic music, from the various songs by Stan Bush to the score by Vince DiCola.

With all this in mind, this new 4K remaster is amazing, both visually and aurally. In addition, This limited edition steel book set also comes with a regular Blu-ray full-frame version of the movie along with the 4K version, which is obviously very well done and also includes a lot of interesting extras. Namely, all the documentaries on how the movie was made and voiced.

So if you grew up wondering if your Transformers toys had the touch, then this is pretty much the ultimate version of the movie that shaped your childhood.

You can pre-order the limited edition steelbook release of Transformers: The Movie from Shout! Factory’s own site or via Amazon.

Disclosure: Shout! Factory sent me a copy of the Blu-ray for the purposes of this review.

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