Trump Supporter’s Profane Answer To CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan Inspires Charity T-Shirt Campaign In Ireland

CNN correspondent Donie O’Sullivan has had many noteworthy encounters with die-hard supporters of former President Donald Trump, but the rude response O’Sullivan got from a man in Ohio last Saturday has now sparked a viral video—and a charity t-shirt campaign in O’Sullivan’s native Ireland.

In a tweet O’Sullivan posted with the message “it’s the friends we meet along the way,” the CNNer says to a smoking man in a red MAGA cap “what’s your name, sir?” The man responds “my name is go f*** yourself.” O’Sullivan, smooth as ever, pauses for a beat and carries on. “Right. And are you from Ohio?”

As of early Saturday afternoon, the video had been viewed 2.3 million times. Back in Ireland, it caught the attention of Adrian Barry, who quickly created a t-shirt “inspired by (O’Sullivan’s) moment of magic” that he’s selling—with all proceeds going to charity.

The yellow t-shirts feature the Trump supporter’s face on the front with his “my name is” answer emblazoned across the chest. On the back of the shirt are the words “and are you from Ohio?”

“Like millions of others, I watched Donie’s chat with the charming Trump supporter in Ohio,” Barry told IrishCentral. “What floored me was Donie’s unflinching response. I’ve worked in broadcasting for 20+ years and there are very few people who would’ve had the composure and wit to deadpan the MAGA man’s passively furious response to a very simple question…(O’Sullivan) cut the rug under his interviewee in an instant,” Barry said, describing his cool under pressure as “a very small insight into why this guy is operating at the top of his game for one of the highest-profile news outlets on the planet.”

The t-shirts will benefit the Muslim Sisters of Eire, a charity based in Dublin.

Among the many responding to the original video posted by O’Sullivan on Twitter was Ireland’s Embassy in the U.S., tweeting from its official account “As Yeats had it, there are no strangers here, Donie, only friends you haven’t met yet.”

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