Uber is making a Push for Sustainable Ridesharing Services

Uber has announced that it is expanding its existing range of services and introducing new features to achieve its goal of eliminating emissions from its platform by 2040. The company plans to achieve this by increasing the availability of its UberX Share carpooling service in 18 new cities, bringing the total number of markets where it is available to 50. Additionally, Uber is launching a new product called Carshare that enables users to borrow vehicles from private owners in more locations, starting with Boston and Toronto.

Uber Green is expanding its reach in Australia, offering riders the ability to select hybrid or fully electric vehicles for their rides. The company has updated its app to show riders the emissions they have saved by choosing Green and Comfort Electric options. To encourage riders to continue selecting these options, the company is developing airport-specific rewards in the form of lower fares and access to dedicated pickup zones at airports.

The updated driver app will also include smart charging features that can display real-time charging prices and locations. Additionally, it includes a filter that helps drivers find trips that end near a charger, ensuring that they don’t end up taking trips much longer than what their current battery level can handle.

Uber has pledged to become a fully emission-free platform by 2040 through micromobility options such as bikes, public transit, and zero-emission vehicles. Most recently, the company expanded its bike-sharing partnership with Tembici to Chile. As part of this initiative, Uber Eats will also take steps to reduce unnecessary plastic waste from deliveries by 2030 and eliminate emissions associated with its food delivery services by 2040.

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This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/uber-is-expanding-availability-of-shared-rides-and-other-green-services-122009008.html?src=rss.

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