Ways to Keep Your Home and Kids Organized This Summer

Summer break is a time for children to enjoy backyard sleepovers and splashing around in the pool while parents may find it challenging to keep their kids busy and organized. With the right tools, you can ensure everyone stays on track while working from home (WFH). The Epson EcoTank ET-4850(opens in a new tab) printer is an excellent solution for your WFH needs and can help keep your family organized this summer, thanks to its cartridge-free feature and a large ink supply that allows you to print colorful and graphic-heavy projects effortlessly. Check out these easy printable ideas and make your summer fun and organized.

A Fun Chore List for Your Kids

Summer chores don’t have to be tedious. Create a daily chore list for your kids with rocket and dinosaur graphics and reward them with sparkly stickers once they complete their tasks. You can make your own chart or download some free ones here(opens in a new tab). Make sure you print them with the high-performance Epson EcoTank ET-4850(opens in a new tab) printer to ensure that your texts and lines are legible and clear.

Family Organizer

Summer break means lots of playdates, birthdays, and family trips. Keep everyone on track with a simple yet functional family organizer. You can download some cute printable organizers here(opens in a new tab) that include birthday reminders, trip schedules, daily meal planners, and budget goals. An added bonus of using the EcoTank printer(opens in a new tab) is its cartridge-free feature, reducing cartridge waste in landfills.

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Make Summer Homework Fun

Summer vacation homework can be tedious for kids. Fun it up by using free downloadable clip art(opens in a new tab) to create unique pages for written homework. Ensure your printer has the required ink capacity so that you won’t run out during the printing process.

Build a Spinning Activity Wheel

Gamify your to-do list with a spinning activity wheel. Download some of the available activity wheels(opens in a new tab) and print your favorite using the Epson EcoTank ET-4850(opens in a new tab) printer that can handle bold colors and cardstock. Write various activities such as ‘water the garden’ or ‘draw a picture of your dog’ in each section, cut out the wheel, make a small hole in the center, insert a brad, fold both ends back, and attach a paper clip with a paper arrow to the brad to spin.

Create Origami Projects

Origami can keep you and your kids entertained when you need a break. Print various origami patterns(opens in a new tab) using a printer with high performance that can print on both sides and produces detailed colors and lines. Show your kids the basics of origami and challenge them to create different shapes and designs.

Summer is an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your family, but planning and playing together while keeping things organized ensure everyone has loads of fun.

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