Why Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Might be Revolutionary

When Apple unveiled its mixed-reality Vision Pro headset this week, many were quick to criticize its peculiar appearance and high price tag (a whopping $3,500). Even I was skeptical, having long been a virtual reality naysayer. But after seeing Apple’s demonstration and reading early reviews, I’m starting to believe that the Vision Pro could be a game-changer and the first step towards a new computing platform.

Of course, there are reasons why the Vision Pro might fail. It’s expensive and may be too isolating and unattractive for most consumers. Additionally, developers may be hesitant to create apps for a device that hasn’t yet garnered significant market demand. Despite these concerns, I am unwilling to dismiss the possibility that the Vision Pro could be successful.

My openness to the potential of the Vision Pro is partly due to my past mistakes. In 2013, I proclaimed that smartwatches were an impractical and expensive fad that wouldn’t resonate with the masses; today, Apple is the top-selling watch brand in the world. I failed to anticipate Apple’s ability to transform niche technologies into mainstream hits and change human social norms with its products.

The Vision Pro’s integration into the Apple ecosystem could be a huge advantage, making it more user-friendly than other headsets. Moreover, changing attitudes towards mixed-reality headsets could make them more socially acceptable and less conspicuous in the future. Apple’s history of entering product categories at just the right time could lead to its success in this realm as well.

While some may argue that the market for virtual and augmented reality devices is too small, Apple’s arrival on the scene could change everything. Only time will tell.

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