Wine Tourism: Champagne, Beyond The Bubbles

A visit to the prestigious wine region of Champagne, France is likely on the bucket list of anyone who appreciates sparkling wines. 

Foremost, this is the best place to sip and savor various types of Champagne in their unique terroir. But visitors are also able to learn about the grapes and production methods and the history, people, and rich culture associated with the wines.

In 2015, UNESCO designated the hillsides, houses, and cellars of Champagne a World Heritage Site, noting their significance in creating a “product of excellence, renowned as the universal symbol of festiveness, celebration and reconciliation.” 

This province, spread over some 84,000 acres in northeastern France, houses 360 Champagne houses (with 16,200 growers), many of which are open to the public for tasting and tours. 

A visit to the region is a perfect day trip from Paris by car or train. But to truly appreciate the wealth of hospitality Champagne has to offer, visitors often opt to stay in one of the region’s historical cities (e.g., Reims and Epernay) or picturesque villages so they can travel more slowly, perhaps visiting multiple houses and simply enjoying the countryside and wonderful foods.

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