You Can Now Watch The First Season Of ‘Transformers’ For Free On YouTube

What with the recent release of Transformers: The Movie in glorious 4K, you can now also watch the original series on YouTube for free.

Courtesy of Hasbro Pulse, the entire first season of the original Transformers series from 1984 is now up on YouTube, and in HD too.

For many the original series, also called Generation One when it comes to the toys, was the first introduction to the Transformers mythos.

While Transformers was built from two Japanese toy lines, that of Diaclone and Microman, it was given a more coherent form when the original 1984 cartoon started airing.

Coupled with rebranded toys, it was a massive hit resulting in a long-running franchise that is still with us today.

Dealing with the ancient conflict between the transforming robots known as Autobots and Decepticons. The ravaging of their homeworld Cybertron forced them to flee to Earth and that’s where we the bulk of the story then took place.

I still love the opening episode for the original series (shown below), as you got to see not only the Cybertronian vehicle forms for the respective Transformers but also introduced my favorite Transformer, the very alien looking Shockwave.

Anyway, whether you are an old time fan of Transformers or new to the series, there’s really no excuse to miss out on the original series now that is so readily available to watch.

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