DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Here’s Everything You Missed in “Back to the Finale: Part 2”

Last week on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends are told that Sara (Caity Lotz) is dead, sending everyone into their own grief while on an alien planet Sara discovers that she did indeed die and that Bishop has cloned her. This week, Sara wants answers from Bishop and what he’s really trying to do with her while the Legends stage their craziest plan to date. That plan? They’re going to head back in time to the Season 5 finale to prevent Sara from being kidnapped in the first place. But messing with aliens and the timeline has some very specific challenges and this is the Legends so anything and everything might just go wrong.

Need to get caught up on the major details and stories from this week’s episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? We’re here to help. Here are the major plot points for “Back to the Finale: Part II”. Warning: Full spoilers for the episode beyond this point. Read on only if you want to know.

The episode picks up where last week left off, with Sara discovering her dead body and Bishop revealing how he duplicated her. He tells her it is just the beginning. On the Waverider, Ava watches the video of Sara telling David Bowie that she planned to propose to Ava over and over. The whole team is grieving Sara.

On Bishop’s planet, Kayla and Rory emerge from their pod and are checking to see if the barrier is back up. They make a deal to also try to save Sara before the third moon sets. In Bishop’s lab, guards come in and Bishop completes his transition to a new body and continues to explain his plan now talking about using alien DNA to create a hybrid, specifically Sara-alien hybrids. Sara is angry tries to fight him when he takes the engagement ring she has planned for Ava. Bishop has her sent to the incinerator. Mick, on his quest to find Sara, is found by some clones, but fortunately, they are the ones with Gary.


Nate and Zari discover that Behrad is not on the Waverider. Behrad has gotten high and decided to go back to the Season 5 finale to save Sara before she’s ever kidnapped in the first place. The Legends gather at a place where they never visited last year to come up with a proper plan. Unfortunately, the evening was a huge blur for most of them. They also realize that doing this means they will end up never meeting Spooner. Behrad realizes the opening to save Sara and runs into her. She refuses to get onto the Waverider because she plans to propose to Ava.

On Bishop’s planet. Sara is rescued by Mick, Gary, and the Clone Avas who are actually working together to save her. Sara says they have to stop Bishop before they can leave and the plan is to take out all of his clones at once.


With Behrad’s first plan a bust, Constantine and Zari try next, this time to get Sara to propose so they can get everyone back on the Waverider earlier than planned. Their plan is also a bust – but Zari suddenly realizes that Constantine doesn’t have his magic. He is hoping a timeline reset will restore it. However, as they depart, Ava sees the Season 5 version of them and busts the Season 6 versions, ordering them back to their timeline.


On Bishop’s planet, Sara is working on setting the generators to blow up and cuts herself, but discovers that she regenerates, realizing that Bishop has already tinkered with her DNA. She confronts him. He reveals that he merged her with an alien as he said was his plan. She wants him to tell her how to make herself human again, but he won’t. She disables him, takes the ring, and leaves him. Sara asks one of the Avas to make a clean clone of Sara, one without alien DNA.


At the Season 5 finale, Behrad has a plane to use an exploding mannequin to create a distraction, specifically a decoy for Gary to kidnap instead and not jack up the timeline when it explodes and still sends aliens into it. Spooner is meant to run interference but runs into Sara. She ends up telling Sara about when she was abducted as a child, revealing she’s afraid of what her friends will think. Sara ends up giving her sage advice and Spooner gives her some, too. The timeline catches up and remains intact. However, at the base, another Nate shows up to stop the Legends from executing their current plan. Behrad runs out to save Sara anyway but fails. 


Mick shows up looking for Sara since they’re running out of time and takes down another Bishop, but unfortunately, Bishop starts to upload his consciousness to the cloud and she doesn’t have time to finish her clone body and stop him. She has to choose. Mick, however, tells her that even with her merged DNA she’s still Sara so they blow it all up. The clones choose to stay behind. When Gary, Sara, and Mick get to the ship, Kayla is gone. The hostile aliens attack, but Kayla comes back to get them. The aliens attack and Kayla fights them off but then goes missing. They have to leave without her.


Back at the Season 5 finale, Behrad realizes that the reason Sara got abducted was his distraction and Astra comforts him. The team realizes they need a drink. On the Waverider, the file of Sara returns home to Ava and then they together go find the rest of the Legends. The team is reunited and as they go back to the ship, Sara proposes to Ava.


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