Tomorrow X Together Scores A Special Chart Achievement In Canada With Their Latest Album

On the current edition of Billboard’s Canadian Albums chart, which ranks the most-consumed full-lengths and EPs in the northern country, Tomorrow X Tohgether’s new album The Chaos Chapter: Freeze launches at No. 90. That’s a fairly low starting position (it actually opens as the lowest debut of the week), but it’s still a new high for the band, who previously topped out at No. 100 (in last place) with their earlier effort The Dream Chapter: Star

The Chaos Chapter: Freeze marks Tomorrow X Together’s (or TXT for short) second time on the Canadian Albums chart, and the simple fact that they have now appeared on the tally more than once makes them one of the most successful all-male vocal acts from their home country of South Korea, at least when looking at this one Canadian list.

Tomorrow X Together is now just the fifth boy band from the Asian nation to send more than a single album to the Canadian chart.

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Looking at all the vocal groups from South Korea that have appeared on the Candian Albums chart more than once, BTS lead the way, and in more ways than one. The septet remains the only act to emerge from the Eastern country to hit No. 1 on the ranking, which they have managed with four different collections (and they surely will again whenever they have something new to share). The band has now landed on the 100-rung tally with 11 separate projects.

Three other boy bands from South Korea have also developed a large enough fan base in Canada to send two releases to the Canadian Albums chart. That trio of beloved acts includes EXO (Don’t Mess Up My Tempo and The War), NCT 127 (Neo Zone and We Are Superhuman) and SuperM (SuperM and Super One). 

Just one other South Korean musical act, Blackpink, has also scored more than a single placement on the Canadian Albums chart. The girl group has seen three titles debut somewhere on the tally, with two breaking into the top 10.

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